Monday, November 15, 2004

All the bad things

Boston Globe: Kerry has a hearing problem, among other things.

A lot of articles are coming out now showing us the inner workings of the Kerry campaign. They give us insight as to how poor a decision maker Kerry is. I wish we could get this kind of inside look prior to the vote.

Boston Phoenix: Ohio has a voting problem.
FOR AMERICANS, it’s bad enough that the 2000 election was such a fiasco that our government felt compelled to bring in international election monitors from Vienna, as though we were some Third World banana republic rather than the world’s oldest democracy. Worse, the monitoring group — the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) — left unimpressed.

The OSCE won’t issue a final report for another six weeks, but its preliminary findings (available at are a litany of "questions of possible conflict of interest," "widespread ... allegations of electoral fraud and voter suppression," "significant delays ... [that] may restrict the right to vote," "considerable confusion ... regarding the use of provisional ballots," "occasional faults and breakdowns of DRE [direct-recording equipment] machines," "concerns ... regarding the secrecy of the vote." Not only that, but "it was not clear that poll workers had generally received sufficient training to perform their functions."
Republicans in charge of voting in Ohio seem to have no values.

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