Friday, November 19, 2004

What do you want to do with your life?

Twinkler lets you set up an online to-do list and share it with the world.
Take regular yoga classes (+) finish plans for remodeling my bathroom (+) finish an ironman (+) be the best father possible (+) try acupuncture (+) Finish (+) be myself (+) build a snowman (+) include (+) Go to Europe (+) learn to read syriac (+) Hug my knees and cry (+) relearn to learn (+) find a satisfying occupation (+) drive to the west coast and back with my father (+) save money (+) be a great mom (+) travel the world (+) Play 2 songs at an open mike (+) Have another Job (+) skate away (+) bench press my body weight (+) write a book that is smart and sassy (+) direct a movie (+) kiss a man (+) fall in love again (+) create an artwork that conveys my meaning to the audience (+) be creative (+) take my art seriously (+) Pay off my house (+) Sit in the audience of "live with regis and kelly" (+) win the lottery (+) be happy, whatever happens to me (+) perform on Broadway (+) Visit New Zealand (+) play a corpse on tee vee (+) run with my dog (+) Drive really, really fast with the top down (+) hi (+) a (+) stop drinking so much coffee (+) Learn graphology (+) lose myself in romance (+) drink porter (+) Teach my girls ice skating (+) fuck (+) travel to paris (+) become Jason Fried (+) be rich (+) travel (+) visit hong kong (+) love life (+) (+) Design and build a house (+) accentuate the positive, deamphasize the negative (+) get out of Oklahoma! (+) be happy (+) give my parents as much as they have given me (+) get a degree (+) Suck (+) Move to the United States (+) everything (+) turn my car into a hot-rod (+) make the world a better place (+) Be successfull (+) earn lots of money (+) Live in Hawaii for 3 months (+) (+) raise suspicion (+) Learn to make pasta from scratch (+) live and let live (+) Go sub 10 in an ironman (+) exercise more (+) Get a new laptop (+) learn about graphic design (+) Ride my Bike (+) go the Le Pichet for the Beaujolais Nouveau instead of staying home and launching a brazilified dotCA (+) check out of the game (+) build a projector (+) startup company (+) have babies (+) brew my own beer (+) Love my wife even more (+) live (+)
It's like Flickr for ideas.
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