Friday, November 19, 2004

The Annoying Race

The Amazing Race - Episode 6.1:
Jonathan and Victoria: Married "entrepreneurs". Apparently, she used to be a Playboy Playmate. Really? We'll see about that. A quick trip to Google will tell all... Oh, indeed! Jonathan's an ass. I instantly hate him. He dyed the *back* of his hair blue (not all of it, just the back!) He's talking all serious. Calls himself a "dictator". Cut to Jon and Vic in their in-ground hot tub. Victoria, can we see you in a bikini? Ah, yes, thank you. Cut to Jon and Vic in their Ferarri, driving through the front driveway of their mansion, past their Hummer. Why is it these two are competing for a million dollars?
Jonathan makes it painful to watch The Amazing Race. PAINFUL. He is such a loser. LOSER. I feel bad for his wife, Victoria. What is she doing with him? This couple needs to get off of this show and get right on Dr. Phil's show. Please.

My wife and I really like The Amazing Race, but during this first episode she kept asking me why they couldn't go back and get some REAL people to play the game? A pair of wrestlers?

When they took off their parkas and started wrestling in the snow my wife said, "Fake, fake, fake, these reality shows are all fake. The only reason they are wrestling in the snow is to get more camera time. Fake. Fake. Fake. I don't like this year's show."

We're going to stick with it an hope for the quick ouster of Jonathan and Victoria.

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