Tuesday, November 02, 2004

JP Voting: No lines

Just got back from voting at Curtis Hall in Jamaica Plain.

No lines and no waiting.

I was very impressed with the polling place workers.

After I received my ballot, I was given clear instructions on how to vote. You fill in the little oval circle. Ha.

I prefer connecting the broken line method.

When it came down to voting for president, I was very happy with my choice and felt very good about filling in the appropriate little oval. In my mind I was saying to myself, "Take that George Bush, see you later!"

Then after voting, I was given very clear instructions on how to place my ballot into the ballot collection machine. "Place the ballot face down and insert it like you would an ATM card into an ATM machine," the poll worker explained.


In previous years it was left to me to ask how you insert the ballot. Nice job this year.

Upon exiting the polling area and entering the lobby, there was a cluster of women with clipboards. One asked me if I would take a survery.

I asked where they were from and they said they were from the health department.

"Sure," I replied.

One of them wondered what group I wouldn't fill out a survey for.

"The Communist Party," I replied.

That got a big laugh.

So I answered a few questions for them and they gave me a little bottle of Anti-bacterial hand liquid.

Voting pays!

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