Tuesday, November 02, 2004

This is broken: eSlate Voting Machines

Voter oversight causing problems in Travis County:
Some Democrats complain their ballots mistakenly voted for Republican President George Bush.

Election officials have tested the eSlate machines more than 3,000 times since receiving the complaints. They believe people are hitting the enter button instead of the next page button.

"If someone casts a Democratic ticket, they're seeing that the change switches from the first position on the ballot, which is a Bush/Cheney ticket. If they cast a Republican straight party ticket, what they see is that first position in the presidential contest switches back to a ‘no’ selection," Elections Division Manager Gail Fisher said.
Maybe they should have tested the voting machines 3,000 times before the actual voting started, if hitting enter changes your vote from Kerry to Bush.

Snopes: Status = True.
via [ The Big Mattress ]

Bad Memory Card Compromises 13,000 Ballots.
via [ BoingBoing ]

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