Thursday, June 01, 2006


I found this Cute Kid YouTube video over on this Lip Syncing site, CAMRAOKE.

The problem with this type of thing is that the ownership of the video is lost when someone embeds it in a blog page. There's no way that I can see to find out who the original creator of the video is.

I did click the SHARE video option, but then that sends you an email that makes you sign in to YouTube. I'm actually a member, so I signed in, but hten it asked if I wanted to be come a friend of myself, so I said no. Ha! Then it dumped me onto the home page.

So I ended up doing a serach for Cute Kid and found it that way.
via [ loaded pun ]


  1. hey Steve!

    if you click in the video window of a youtube vid, chances are, you will go directly to the originating post. that's how i got the cute kid for loadedpun (thanks for the link, btw). she's just so darn....cute! :)

  2. hey steve,
    you can click on the youtube username - if avail - to go to the youtube users page. I am sorry, that it is not avail. for the "cute kid" video - we added this feature later - but it is avail. for all new added videos. Thanks for writing about camraoke!