Thursday, June 01, 2006

Couric, Stewart and Colbert

Joanna Weiss writes 'Today' bids Couric a fawning farewell - The Boston Globe:
"The news will be foremost. And while CBS is paying dearly for that Couric charisma, the format will demand -- at least, one hopes -- that her personal life stay off-screen."
I don't agree. If people are still watching the nightly news and CBS wants to do something different, they should shake things up.

Carlo Longino on why journalism is broken:
he biggest problem facing the journalism world is its ongoing ignorance of opinion. Facts are often meaningless without interpretation. To act like bias and subjectivity in that interpretation don’t exist is not only na├»ve, it’s short-sighted. For all that people talk about wanting “just the facts”, that isn’t true, they want them interpreted and presented in some particular way — witness the popularity of Fox News, or the interest in things like The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. It’s this embrace of subjectivity that tends to separate old and new media, and is holding back journalism.
[ via BoingBoing ]

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