Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Cute Puppies Video on You Tube

Puppy vs. Cat

Watch the video that has been viewed over 783,000 times on YouTube.

Cute Pupppies!

I posted this video directly from YouTube onto my blog. It's a new feature of YouTube.

I also changed the object code from width="425" height="350" to width="225" and it made the video smaller.


  1. Yeah, Goldens are cute puupies...

    Until they eat Your borrowed Stephen King Gunslinger series on CD. Or, Season 10 of Friends, Or 2 gigs of memory sticks. Or 6 pairs of shoes...

    yeah Goldens are cute PUPPIES...

  2. Too cute! I always change the embed code, too, since I can only do about 400 pixels wide. It's handy. Think I'll watch that again! Thanks for the share.

  3. I have some cute puppy pics too