Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hyatt Regency Maui - Extra Fees

The Hyatt Regency Maui has a few extra daily fees that you might want to know about prior to planning your stay.

1. Daily resort fee $15 - This fee is required and covers:
Admission for (2) to the health club, Maui News, Local calls, Free access to 800 # calls, In-room coffee, (1) hour daily tennis court time.
So basically they are charging you $15 per day for a newspaper. HA!

2. Valet parking fee $12 - When you first arrive at the hotel, a valet asks "if s/he can take care of your car for you". I prefer to self-park, so I said no. Good thing. It cast $12/day to have them do it. Isn't it kind of tricky not to disclose upfront that there is a daily charge? After I declined I asked where the self-park area was and got a reply of down the driveway. Not the best directions since it's actually, down the driveway, back around the rotary and on the right, down a little hill.

3. Daily Internet access $9.99 - There is a charge for internet access. The website neglects to mention this. It says, in part:
Guest Rooms:
* High-Speed Internet - Wired
* T-Mobile Hotspot Wireless Broadband
So you are paying $24.99 per day extra if you opt out of the valet and $36.99 extra if you let them park your car for you.

Good thing I can feed myself.

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