Sunday, June 25, 2006

Net Neutrality on Revver

I posted my Rocketboom Net Neutrality report on Revver to check it out.

The upload process is easy with a drag and drop interface. Posting is not immediate, as there is an approval process that the video has to go through first.

After your video is approved, you get an email announcing it's survival:
Congratulations! You've survived review and your video is now public.

You can watch your video here:
I tried to upload a 640x480 version but hte file size exceeded their limit of 100MB, so I uploaded a smaller 320x240 version.

The problem with this is that their standard display size seems to be 640x480 and that distorts my original 320x240 upload by enlarging it.

Note: When I look at my vieo on the "My Video" page, it diplays at 320x240.

Next time I'll try a shorter 640x480 upload.

One disconcerting thing is that their display of my video on the "My Videos" page while logged in, displays my email address. I hate email addresses on websites. Upon further investigation, that email was only visible to me. I'll drop them an email telling them to note that.

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