Sunday, June 04, 2006

A new blogger is born

Andy Carvin's Waste of Bandwidth: The Story of Kayleigh's Birth:
"'What do we have?' I asked anxiously. No response.

'A little girl,' someone piped in.

'A little girl?' I repeated, making sure I heard it correctly.

Suddenly, there was a chorus of nurses telling us, 'Congratulations!'

'Susanne, you're a mommy,' I said, barely able to get the words out. 'She's beautiful!'

'Of course, she was a bit of a mess, but the nurses were working hard to clean her up. She let out a few cries just to let us know she was here.

'Does she have a name?' someone asked.

'She does have a name,' I said, relishing the moment in a way that only a new father can.

'Kayleigh India Carvin.'"

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