Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Put your video on 13 sites

TurnHere reports on VidMirror:
A new service launched this week, VidMirror, lets users upload the same video to as many 13 Web video host sites. Users can then embed multiple videos in a single player on their blog or Web site, so they won't have a blank space if a host sites deletes their video (or their account).
I guess some people might want to do something like this to get greater exposure, but what happens if you need to make a change on a video? Delete 13 videos then upload 13 revisions?

With this site you still have to upload your video 13 times. It would be nice if you could upload one version to the site and have the site then do the 13 uploads for you. That's assuming that you'd want to distribute your videos this way.

I might play around with posting my videos to some video sharing sites, but I still prefer having my videos live at home with me on my vlog where people can come visit and see my videos where they live and have a conversation with me.

If I started posting my videos to 13 other sites I'm not sure how I'd keep track of the conversations, and quite possibly my conversations and my videos would then be owned by someone else, ending up on the hottest DVD of the year, funniest video blogs. Buy now!

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  1. That does seem like absolute madness. I try and upload each video to one site. Now, I'm trying to keep the karaoke videos on YouTube, and the other ones on Vimeo... just for an even separation.