Friday, June 16, 2006

Ze Frank on Creativity 2.0

Ze Frank spoke at the in LasVegas, His session was Creativity 2.0:
Designer, teacher and performer Ze Frank confesses to spending far too much time on his hobby, Pay the site a visit and you’ll end up spending far too much time on it, too. But it’s a great study in the concepts he’ll explore in this session—like online community-building, contagious media and the “authorship society” he says we’re transitioning to.

His theory: As authorship-enabling technologies are being released at an increasing rate—and we’re deluged with massive amounts of content to consume—a new relationship is evolving between our society and the notion of creativity. In a session that promises to be as entertaining as it is informative, Ze will discuss this fundamental shift and its effect on the creative process—from ideation to release.

Sounds like a great session.

Ze is on to the same type of thing that Adam Curry is doing with his podcast, creating ways for the viewers to participate in the show.

That's what makes the web different form TV.

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