Friday, April 18, 2008

BostonNOW is Gone

Media Nation: The demise of BostonNOW:
"When BostonNOW started out, it was supposed to be a state-of-the-art meld of print and Web, with readers setting up blogs that would be excerpted in the paper. That did happen, but it never really garnered much attention after the initial flurry of interest."
I was excited when BostonNOW came to town. I met with John Wilpers and shared some advice on how to get bloggers involved with the newspaper.

It was exciting to participate in an experiment of getting readers to actually contribute content to a newspaper.

I wrote some blog posts that were published in print and on their web site, but what was most exciting was getting my photos printed in the newspaper.

Here are some of my favorites:

BostonNOW Copley

BostonNOW Lilac Sunday

BostonNOW Boy on Beach

BostonNOW Water Pipe

Lindsay and Goose in BostonNOW

I'd love to see the Boston Globe or Boston Herald pick up where BostonNOW left off.


  1. I hope you backed up your blog somewhere, because the entire BostonNOW site now seems to be hosed:

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  2. Anonymous11:08 PM

    that paper sucked...
    terrible editing, bad stories and annoying people handing it out.
    read the reviews on yelp - it is clear that no one liked it.