Monday, April 14, 2008

How To Painting Tip: Remove Paint Odor

Prior to painting, pour some vanilla extract into the paint. Dave suggested this and I tried it. See what happens. In the end, I had vanilla White Paint!

Watch the video:
How To Painting Tip: Remove Paint Odor

As seen on!

The thought of shooting a video with the GL2, and capturing, and editing in FCP, exporting, uploading and posting would have kept me from shooting this How To video. That's why a lot of times I decide it's not worth all the hassle, but with Flickr and it's 90 second limit, it gives me the freedom to shoot something shorter, and also the limitation and challenge to tell a story in that shorter length of time.

Combine that with the ease of use of the N95, and it's ability to do in camera edits, I can look at filming these short clips as less of a hassle and more of a challenge.

Doing the whole edit in QuickTime is also sweet.

Carol was sitting beside me and called out an edit as I was watching... In the exact right place... That was a great moment.


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