Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cell Phone Waiting Lot

Cell Phone Waiting Lot, originally uploaded by stevegarfield.

I spent an enjoyable 20 minutes at Logan Airport yesterday in the new Cell Phone Waiting Lot. It's right next to the Hyatt hotel, nicely landscaped and convenient to all terminals.

My mom called from the plane nad let me know that she had landed. After that I got a second call and overheard her saying:
I just called my son and told him that I landed. He wanted me to call...
The sound started to become muffled. I think after she hung up, she dialed me again and didn't know it, then popped the phone into her pocketbook.

So I started yelling into my phone:
Mom! Helllloooooo! I'm in your pocketbook... Hellll...lllooo! It's me! Pick up.
After a while I gave up and hung up the phone.

I walked outside and took this picture of a big sign.

30 Min Max Wait

Lots of rules. Too bad you are limited to staying there for 30 minutes. It'd be a nice place for a summer picnic. :-)

After a while I got another call from my mom:

Where are you?
I told her I was sitting in the cellphone waiting lot and that I'd be right there to pick her up.

When I arrived at Terminal C, there she was, sitting on a bench.

I grabbed all her stuff and we took off to have dinner at Gourmet Garden in Swampscott.

Happy Family!

That's a Happy Family. What a great dish.

After dinner we hit the Market Basket and did some shopping to re-stock her fridge.

Despite breathless media reports of food shortages, especially rice, I saw no shortage.

Lot's of rice here

We picked up some Jazz apples, which are both sweet and tart.

Mom's Home buying Jazz Apples!

Good times.


  1. I love this cell phone waiting lot! Here in Philly we have to pay a TON for parking or circle around and around. Some people idle dangerously on the entrance ramp, only to be ticketed and shooed away by police. I'm sure Philadelphians would take advantage of such a smart solution, and perhaps even pay a buck or two for the convenience. Thanks for sharing that, Steve. And your mom is adorable, as always!

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