Saturday, April 26, 2008

Medical Center

MBTA prepares to do some serious name-dropping - The Boston Globe:
"Taking 'New England' out of the name of Tufts-New England Medical Center last month was the easy part.

But the hospital's rebranding will be more difficult for the MBTA, which has to make the name change at its New England Medical Center stop on the Orange Line. In addition to the signs at the station, the T has to make changes on thousands of signs at each of the transit system's stations, as well as on printed maps, recorded announcements, and websites."

""For Hynes/ICA, the name change was really more of a name reduction, and only involved eliminating or obscuring three letters. The Orange Line revision, however, entails substituting one name for another.""

Why add the Tufts branding to the T signs? If they want to purchase naming rights, have them pay.

Otherwise, just get some white paint and white stickers and change the name from New England Medical Center to Medical Center.


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