Saturday, May 29, 2010

Inadvertent Message: TT Bar

I'm not sure why Ten Tables felt the need to add the name "TT Bar" to thier sign and awning. Lots of restaurants have bars inside but don't give the bar it's own name and identity.

TT Bar? I just adds clutter to the sign.

Down the street Costello's tried the same thing in reverse, trying to add a restaurant name to the bar. In the end, they went back to the establishment name Costello's on the outside signage.

Ten Tables and TT Bar should just go back to Ten Tables.
The place isn't even big enough for two names.

One more thing:
See how the Ten Tables sign is over the right hand side door? Makes you think there's both a bar and restaurant enterance, but you can only enter on the left hand side which is a combined enterance for both the bar and restaurant.

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