Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Watch Jimmy with Jimmy

Watch Jimmy With Jimmy. May 24-28.

Jimmy Fallon's Late Night Experiment to let viewers watch Late Night With Jimmy Fallon with Jimmy Fallon was a success on it's first night.

You could actually 'Watch Jimmy With Jimmy.'

Fallon to watch his show with fans online:
"We're always trying to stay ahead of the curve in how we interact with our audience. I'm thinking of this as a real-time interactive DVD commentary -- and it's going to be a ton of fun. I'm just hoping I can stay awake all week long," Fallon said in a statement Thursday.

What I liked about Watch Jimmy with Jimmy:

1. It worked. Ustream was solid and both the audio and video was clear. That's a success. At one point there were over 7,000 people watching.

2. You could hear what Jimmy was saying and also get a behind the scenes look at his interaction with the writers. That was interesting. We heard them chat about what skits they were working on for the future. I like that kind of thing.

The broadcast stream made me want to be in the room with them.

3. They had the comment stream up on a big screen for everyone to read and comment on.

4. Jimmy's producer, Gavin Purcell, read selected comments to Jimmy during the breaks, which he responded to. Cool.

What I didn't like about Watch Jimmy with Jimmy:

1. In Boston, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno went long, so nothing was synced up.

2. Although advertised as Watch Jimmy With Jimmy, and delivering on that promise, I wanted more interaction. Watching someone watch TV isn't the greatest interactive experience. I hope based on this feedback they can try some ideas to interact with the viewers more.

3. The Ustream chat box was small and would be better if it was larger or enabled as a pop up.

What I'd like to see next:

1. Like I said above, try some different ideas during the week to keep it interesting. You might think of 'Watch Jimmy With Jimmy' as a show of it's own and rely less on what's being broadcast. Maybe have some planned segments during the commercial break. Web extras.

2. Beyond this format, I'd like to see more of the original videoblogging style behind the scenes.

3. Experiment with bringing in live streaming video from viewers. That's something that I've been exploring.

4. Do an earlier live streaming show, like at 7:00 PM, prior to the live broadcast. Give us a peek at what's coming up and interact directly with viewers. That would be funa nd I would have to stay up so late.

Thanks for breaking ne ground in late night TV.

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

Jimmy's in my book:

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