Saturday, May 22, 2010

Watch Late Night With Jimmy Fallon With Jimmy Fallon on UStream

It's here.

Gavin Purcell, producer of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, announced it on my panel, Interacting with the Television Audience in Real Time, at the 140conf in NYC.

Starting Monday night you'll be able to watch Late Night With Jimmy Fallon with Jimmy.

This is incredible you guys. Every night next week, while LNwJF is playing on your TV, Jimmy will also be watching along in his office - streaming live! We are partnering with to bring you a totally interactive fun party time. You'll be able to chat with Jimmy while he comments on the show as it airs. He'll be joined by Late Night staffers and special guests! The stream will be live from 12:30 AM EST until 1:35 AM EST Monday, May 24th through Friday, May 28th, right here on our site and will be repeated for additional time zones. Did you ever think you'd get a chance to watch the show with Jimmy? HOORAY FOR TECHNOLOGY!
Visit Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

Jimmy's in my book, Get Seen.

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