Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Book Publishing Secrets: Steve Garfield at PodCamp NH 2010

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I was happy to participate in John Herman's Author panel at PodCamp NH 2010.

In preparation for the panel I made some notes about how to promote your book, once it's published.

How to Promote Your Book
- Make a destination site for your book.

Ex: Content Rules, Un Marketing, Crush It.

- If you don't want to make a full site, set up a Facebook page

- Create a custom URL to point to your book page. Mine is I started off at NING, but changed over to Facebook. You use the custom URL to redirect to wherever you want, so if people use your custom URL to point to your book site, it will always work

GET SEEN: Moo Cards!
GET SEEN: Moo Card

- Make up custom business cards for your book. I used MOO. They make high quality cards that stand out.

- Travel. I combined scheduled travel with book events. CC Chapman and Ann Handley are folowing the UN Marketing model of going on a sponsored book tour for their book Content Rules.

- Record a video for your Amazon book page.

- Write articles for blogs and magazines.

Videoblogging Webinar 5/20/10: Brightcove and Get Seen
Videoblogging Webinar 5/20/10: Brightcove and Get Seen

- Accept interview requests for blogs, podcasts, newspapers, radio, tv, magazines... Keep track of interviews with a site like Profilactic.

- Create an author page

- Set up a page at and link it to your author page and embed it on the side bar of your blog

- Write a Where to Buy blog post.

- Include all sellers on your site.

- Ask your publisher for support with posters, bookmarks, ad copy and web ads

Get Video. Get It Online. Get Results.
Get Seen Ad.

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  1. A great list that would help any author.I was happy to see that we are thankfully doing all of them and it was a good reminder that I need to get some new business cards done!