Tuesday, October 19, 2010

7 Ways the BlogWorldExpo Experience Can Be Improved

Photo by kk+ cc by-nc-sa

I enjoyed BlogWorldExpo 2010, but there are a few things that could be improved. I'm listing them here in the hope that conference organizers and vendors do better next time.

Here they are.

1. Can We Get Some Good WiFi in Here?

Photo by kk+ cc by-nc-sa

I took this trip out to BlogWorldExpo without my laptop.

Just brought my WiFi iPad. Never got WiFi to work.

I had a complementary pass for WiFi at the Luxor hotel which was supposed to work at the Starbucks. It didn't

Never was able to get WiFi to work at BlogWorld.

This happens all the time. It would be nice if you could go to a conference where the WiFi worked.

2. Speakers need wired internet connections
For my session on Video POdcasting 101, the speaker's laptop didn't have a hard wired connection. It shared the WiFi for the conference.

I ended up using a presentation that included embedded videos that I could play from the hard drive.

3. Show floor Should Open on Thursday
#thepulse network broadcasts live from #bwe10

My schedule for Friday was packed: Live broadcast, Session, book signing, interview, panel.

Thursday wasn't so full, but the show floor wasn't open.

I would have loved to spend time at many of the booths including Blogger, BlogTalkRadio, CoTweet, DemandMEdia, Ford, Jenn-Air, Lijit, Plixi, radioan6, Bluberry, Sony, Telestream, my sponsor .tv, and YouTube.

4. Project Keynotes on big screen
At @briansolis keynote with Mark Burnett

I was excited to take part in the Mark Burnett presentation and had to sit in the last row for the planned recording of my segment. But from the back row, I could see the need for the video of Brian Solis and Mark Burnett to be broadcast live onto the big screens during the session.

Note: I didn't go to the other keynotes. Those might have been projected.

5. Sponsored dinners: What's Your Story?
Focus Rally America

I went to two very nice sponsored dinners. At one dinner, Ford got up and gave a brief multimedia presentation about their social media success and plans for the coming year. It was just right.

At the other dinner, we got to meet everyone, but didn't get any information about the company.

I'm a proponent of keeping sales pitches to a minimum, but nothing at all?

6. Reduce the Barriers to Register for Parties
Awesome party with my Kodak friends last night. #bwe10

For one party you had to go through a Triple Registration.

This included:
- Signing up with a username/password
- Authenticating with Twitter
- Sending in a text message to register via cellphone

Too much.

7. Unconference?
Were there UnConference areas for people to put together ad hoc presentations?

That's a good idea for people who didn't get their sessions accepted or if someone has an idea to do something on the day of the show.


  1. I would like to see events more at the host venue, Mandalay bay has this great beach and a Shark Reef, why not open those places up for the attendees to enjoy after hours. I hate traipsing all over the god forsaken strip.

  2. First of all, it was great to meet you at BWE10, Steve. Enjoyed chatting with you (and the tuna!) ;)

    Great post, and I agree with all of your thoughts and recommendations. I think everyone was frustrated with the WiFi situation, and at one point I just gave up and used my 3G card on my laptop to get some work done.

    Instead of being an additional fee, I'd like to see Thursday included, and with the show floor open as well. The only benefit was that it allowed many of us without access to do some great lobby networking.

    I believe the closing keynote panel was shown on the screens, but no others that I remember.

    The one other recommendation (we may have actually spoke about this - the days were a blur) would be to somehow clearly indicate on people's credentials what "tracks" they were there for. So for example, of you were a podcaster, you could have an orange tag at the bottom of your lanyard, etc. This would allow people who were looking to network to easily find someone with the same interest. I found many new meetings and conversations coming to an abrupt end when people with different interests began talking but had little in common.

    And really like the unconference idea!! Would be a very welcome addition to the show!

    Thanks again!


  3. @Ben - YES! If the after parties were at the Mandalay Bay or Luxor, or anywhere nearby, I would have gone.

    I went to the Demand Media cocktail party at Mandalay Bay and had a great time.

  4. This was my first BlogWorld Expo, and while I got so much out of it, I agree with everything you had to say, especially about the wifi, I also had my iPad with me, which was useless. I also would have loved to have the parties at Mandalay.

    On another note, I'm sorry I never got to meet you. I was hoping to meet the other blogger with the words "pop culture and technology" in the title of his blog.

  5. I forgot to mention my main recommendation. I never went to a conference before where the name of the blog and even the twitter name were written as small as on the name tags we were given. The only thing legible was out first name. I know many people online only from their blog or twitter and it was impossible to get this info just by walking by them and looking at their badge.