Monday, October 25, 2010

Choose your own Andy Grammer interactive music video

Interlude, S-Curve, And VEVO Team To Launch Ridiculously Engaging Interactive Music Video:
Head to leading music video portal VEVO this morning and you’re going to see something that’s quite out of the ordinary: a new music video starring Andy Grammer that puts you in the director’s chair. Hit ‘play’ and things will start simply enough, with Grammer walking down an alley as he croons toward the camera. But after a few moments you’ll see a popup asking if you want him to “Bump into Movers” or get “Dumped by Bikers”. Better make up your mind — you only have ten seconds to make your choice, and it actually impacts which version of the video you’ll be seeing. It’s part video game, part choose-your-own adventure story, and it’s what you might call “engaging as hell”.
There are many choices to be made throughout the music video.

Example choice: Bump into Movers or Bumped by Bikers

As you make choices, by clicking on the video, the path of the video seamlessly branches along.

Go to the Second Floor:

Hey, it's Rainn Wilson! ;-)

When you're done you can embed your version anywhere.

Note: When I embedded the video it was missing a closing OBJECT tag. I've let them know.

Choose your own Andy Grammer interactive music video.

Watch for Jeff Pulver in the video.
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