Sunday, October 31, 2010 will host a live video chat on election night

Over on at The Pulse Network I'm experimenting with Online Video and Social Media. Part of my exploration is into ways to make it easy for the audience to interact int eh live broadcast via a video chat.

I just heard from Brian August at Watchitoo that they are going to be working with to host a live video chat on election night. The chat is scheduled to take place Tues. Nov 2, between 7 and 8 pm.

Here is a mock up of what the experience will look like with instructions that explain how you can log into Watchitoo and activate your webcam.Watchitoo Landing Page for NBC News election night video chat mock up

Here's more from Brian:
Once viewing the show, you will be contacted by a moderator via a chat room and you will be staged in our virtual "Green Room" until it is your turn to speak with the host. While that is happening, you will be able to watch the show. If possible, please have earbuds (or headphones) handy.
Looks promising.

Your thoughts?

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