Sunday, October 10, 2010

News Flash: Links are essential to online journalism [BBC]

Links essential to trust of your online news source:
Now the BBC is taking linking to a higher level as its new Guide to linking on the BBC News website explains (and embedded below).

Some highlights that caught my eye:

Links essential to online journalism
BBC strategy to double outbound links from 10m to 20m a month by 2013

Links well suit unique selling point for BBC News: our expertise
We’re also well placed to link to the best of the web without fear or favour
On external websites look beyond homepage to pages of specific relevance
Inline linking in news stories is OK when it’s to a primary source
In news stories inline links must go to primary sources only (eg scientific journal article or policy report (1 or 2 per story; avoid intro)
In features inline links should be of direct editorial relevance but don’t have to be primary sources
In Q&As and explainers inline links can go to any external or internal content for ‘further reading’ or adding value
In blogs different rules can apply – speak to blogs team if in doubt
Think: What will add most to readers’ understanding?
The first and last bullet points – "Links essential to online journalism" and "Think: What will add most to readers’ understanding?" nicely encapsulate the significant focus on the BBC’s new guidelines about linking: it’s about the reader, isn’t it?


Now if only the would read this. ;-)

BBC guidelines for linking – Sept 2010

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