Saturday, September 17, 2011


Two Classics, One Car
After six decades, Margaret Dunning still breezes down the road in her creamy 740 Packard roadster.

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Packard, 81, Is a Youngster to Its Driver:
When she was 12 her father died, and his Model T Ford became hers.

Once her politically connected mother, who had arthritic feet and could not drive cars, finagled a driver’s license for the 12-year-old Margaret, she drove her mother everywhere. Her mother drove the farm’s four teams of horses.

“If you had just a little knowledge and some baling wire and bob pins, you could keep the thing going,” she said of the Model T. “It was the little car that made America.”

She cherished her time in the car alone, reaching into the wind for roadside stalks of fragrant sweet clover. “I’d see a few friends or race past a blind pig,” she said, using the euphemism for Prohibition-era drinking establishments. “Before I could get home, people would be calling saying, ‘I think I just saw Margaret, with quite a dust pile behind her.’ ”
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  1. Great story, but something doesn´t add up.

    She was given the car when she was 12?
    Now she is 101 and the car is 81 years old?

  2. Anonymous12:29 PM

    She was given dads model T Ford when she was 12, the 81 year old car is a 740 Packard roadster like it says in the first line of the article.