Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Steve Garfield on NECN: Facebook uses secret algorithms. They're actually reducing the noise of the internet.

My quote on NECN's report, Facebook gets a new look and an unfavorable response:
"Facebook uses secret algorithms and they decide based on your activity, your friends activity, who likes what, what might be most important to you,” said social media maven Steve Garfield. “They're actually reducing the noise of the internet."

Other changes include friend lists like Twitter, a real time ticker and promises of better video and music interfaces. Social media maven Steve Garfield says it's no coincidence that Facebook launched its revamp the same day Google+ opened membership of its new social network to the general public.

"They just added all these features that Facebook didn't have." said Garfield. "Facebook had to do something because of defectors//going to Google+ and I was one of them"
Steve Garfield on NECN talking Facebook
Screenshot: Courtesy NECN

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