Thursday, September 15, 2011

For those reading outside of JP - these lunatics do not represent 99% of JP residents

Univision is at Hi Lo Foods

Group opposing store arrival demands Whole Foods sign deal, donate revenue - Jamaica Plain - Your Town -
"InJPwithcommonsense wrote:
For those reading outside of JP - these lunatics do not represent 99% of JP residents, no matter how shrill their whining becomes. This "group" is a bunch of 20-something socialist-leaning hipsters who choose to ignore the real issues at hand in JP (read: gang violence, violent crime, terrible schools) in favor of trying to stop a grocery store from moving into the space previously occupied by a grocery store."

Whole Foods rejects special community fund for Jamaica Plain:
In related news and noted in Tuesday's statement, Whole Foods announced last week that Jennifer Licht, a seven-year JP resident and Whole Foods employee of six years, will be the new store’s marketing team leader and community liaison when it opens in late fall.

An earlier press release from the company said she will be "responsible for connecting with Jamaica Plain’s schools, committees and non-profits. In addition to handling store donations, her responsibilities will also include organizing store tours and hosting events and classes in-store and in the community."

“I love living in JP, and working for Whole Foods Market. The opportunity to blend the two is very exciting to me,” Licht, who most recently worked as a healthy eating specialist at the company’s Brighton store said in the release. “As a mom and a resident of JP, I appreciate the responsibility that we all share in supporting our neighborhood. I am eager to get started showing people how Whole Foods Market truly cares about our communities and our environment.”

In the statement from Whole Foods:
...we are now focusing 100% of our energy on opening our new store in Jamaica Plain.

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  1. Amazing that this still is an issue. Kudos to WF and JP residents for staying classy in this last-ditch effort that clearly does not represent the vast majority of JP that is welcoming WF