Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Inbound Marketing Summit: Breaking the Record Setter World Record - Most people shooting video at the same time

Join me in Boston at the Inbound Marketing Summit on September 14th as we attempt to break the Record Setter World Record for most people shooting video at the same time.

I'll also be talking about:

- Shooting video with the camera you have
- Storyboarding your video to give it structure
- Documenting an event with an iconic image and making it spread
- Capturing a video record of attendees at events

Watch us attempt to break the record tomorrow, 9/14, at 2:45 PM streaming live from the Inbound Marketing Summit on The Pulse Network.


Oh yeah! We broke the World Record. Now All I have to do is count the number of participants.

#ims11 Video World Record Panorama #imsvideo

Video of the session, [I start at 7:12]:

Video: From the Stage

Video: Everybody Say Your Name. The view from onstage. Shot with iPhone 4.

Video: Time lapse from the audience.

I'll be adding your videos here too. If you shot a video, add your thoughts and a link in the comments.

Participants were requested to upload their videos to their favorite video sharing site and then tweet me the link with the hashtag #IMSVideo.

Here are the current results for #IMSVideo on twitter.

As I see new videos, I'll embed there here with Storify.

YouTube Playlist:

RecordSetter Tweets:
record setter tweets

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