Monday, November 13, 2000

According to Anti-Personal Home Page FAQ:
from [/usr/bin/girl : ( just a digital girl ) ]

"There are already too many personal home pages cluttering up the Internet with information about people we know and care nothing about. Although our friends and family may get a big kick out of them, they are nonetheless filling up cyberspace with an inordinate amount of irrelevant information. In lieu of a home page of my own, I've posted this FAQ in hopes of dissuading people from uploading yet another "vanity" page to their Internet Service Provider."

Personally, I think everyone should have one of these vanity home pages. I think people need to celebrate the mundane, the personal and the specific. We spend a huge amount of our lives following what "important people" do and what "important people" think. Let us face it, most of them are really not important at all.

If George W. wins the election, will the world come to an end? I think it will hurt the country, but the newspaper will still be delivered and my gas stove will still work, and the garbage will still be collected. If George W. or Al Gore vanished tommorow, I think I could still live a happy and fulfilling life. If there was no Leo DiCaprio, I think the world would continue. And yet, some people feel that sharing ourselves on a personal level with the world is a bad thing. We should be paying more attention to scientists and politicians and investment bankers, they say, but if someone writes a touching personal essay about how sad they were when their dog died, or how happy they were when they found a rare baseball card sold cheap, that can, to my mind, be even more important than anything Stephen Hawking has to say about the first four minutes of the universe.

Oh, well, just had to get that off of my chest.

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