Tuesday, July 31, 2001 @ The 007 TV
I can reveal further details which will make you scream in excitement & horror... James Bond dies in Bond 20!!!
Some people are really excited about the next James Bond Movie. I know it sounds bad, but watching an earlier James Bond movie was almost a death blow to me!

I almost died while watching a James Bond movie with my parents. We were watching Thunderball when my mother gave me piece of hard candy. She always had hard candy in her pocketbook.

I took one of the hard candies and it GOT CAUGHT IN MY THROAT. I couldn't breathe and we rushed into the lobby. Pounding me on my back didn't work so my father picked me up by the feet and held me upside down with one hand, I was small. He took his free hand and pounded me on the back and the candy popped out of my mouth.

Luckily he was quick and we went back in and enjoyed the end of the movie. I've been a Bond fan ever since.

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