Monday, May 20, 2002

"Copy-proof" CDs cracked with 99-cent marker pen.
This story talks about how Sony is copy-protecting their CD's so you can't copy the songs onto a computer or mp3 player.

Hello Sony... Now that I own an iPod, the only reason I purchase a CD is to use it as the transport medium to get the songs from the artist to my mp3 player.

I recently copied my whole CD library onto my Mac and then onto my iPod. Now I'm listening to my CD's again.

I just DJ'd a party using my iPod and some powered Bose speakers... over 5 hours of music and I didn't have to do a thing after pushing the play button.

Instead of making it harder to move music onto mp3 players you might want to consider making it easier for me to purchase songs online.

I WANT to pay for the music I listen to but you're not helping.

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