Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Spending Time Answering An Email:
7. Pets:
Hortense the Hamster - Dead
An unnamed kitten - Given Away
Goldie, Blackie and Whitey - Three dead goldfish

12. Best gift you ever received:
Wham-O Air Blaster that could blow out the candles on your birthday cake.

17. Been toilet papering?
Only in private

21. Sprite or 7-up?
Neither, too sugary. S.Pelegrino

22. Favorite movie?
Anything by Luc Besson. The Fifth Element, La Femme Nikita and The Professional.

24. Favorite day of the week:
every day

25. Favorite word or phrase:
It's getting hot in here...

26. Favorite toothpaste:
Colgate in those new squeeze bottles

27. Favorite restaurant:

28. Favorite flower:

29. Favorite drink:

30. Favorite sport to watch:
Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots Football

31. Preferred type of ice cream:
Cherry Garciapara at JP Licks, otherwise Vanilla.

32. Favorite sesame street character:
That Beaker guy. He's funny... Looking.

34. Favorite Fast Food Restaurant?
Doyles is pretty fast.

37. What color is your bedroom carpet?

38. Favorite Band?
Right now it's Imogen Heap's new band FrouFrou. I'm listening to their new CD over and over and over again.

44. Most annoying thing that someone else does:
Chew gum and smoke.

45. Bedtime?
After Jay's monologue.

48. Favorite all-time TV show:
Now it seems to be 24. It's appointment TV, and once you get started, you don't want to miss an episode.

51. Favorite music:
I tend to prefer pop/rock with an additional interest in some of the new electronic music, refined ambient techno, synth-pop, euro-beat, and new wave.!

52. What CD is in your player right this second?
I don't use a CD player anymore. I have 1,298 songs on my iTunes/iPod.

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