Thursday, May 29, 2003

Jelly on my belly, But I like it fine.
Jelly on my head
Jelly on my toes
Jelly on my popo
Jelly on my toes
Laugh banana lickin
Having me a time
Jelly on my belly
But I like it fine

I finally found some information on my favorite kiddie song of all times.

Funny how other people remember it fondly.

It's from Mitch Miller Golden Hits for Children, Golden Records LP 72 .

Now all I need to find is a copy of the record.

Further research leads me to believe it was a single too:
JIMMY BOYD * Columbia 4-40138 * VG+
Jelly On My Head / (I've Got Those ''Wake Up, Seven-Thirty - Wash Your Ears They're Dirty - Eat Your Eggs And Oatmeal - Rush To School'') Blues


Douglas Coulter has a copy of the album and is going to mail it to me!

Once I get it, I'm going to play it on the radio for you all to hear!

Check out Doug's Sewing Machine Drawer Collection.

I have a couple of sewing machine drawers too, but they are atttached to a Singer Sewing machine.

Thanks Doug!

Update 2:
You can order it from Vepo Music.

Update 3:

Found a version on

Also available to listen to here.


  1. Melanie11:02 AM

    I remember is a bit different than you did.
    I have been singing it for almost 60 years and no one had ever heard it before.

    I would love to have all the lyrics. What a treasure that would be.

  2. Okay, but forgive, what does jelly on my popo refer to? Little Golden Records Vol. 2 features this song.

  3. I've always wondered about "popo" in that song. Of course, little kids love silly words, but I felt it had a naughty component to it as well. (As a kid I also liked the "belly but" phrase.) These days we think of the police being the popo. I read that in Chinese, "popo" means grandmother and in Spanish and other languages it means booty, butt, or ass. When you ask da google for the lyrics the line has been changed to "jelly on my shirt" :p

  4. 2nd verse, pretty soon it will be spring, then I'll start my gardening. I will have no flower beds. I'll plant jelly beans instead.