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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Getting Personal On Vacation. Service Counts.

We were on vacation this past week and so many people had the chance to be personal with us.

Image: Chatham Dock

Victor at Chatham Bars Inn
Victor, at Chatham Bars Inn, was the nicest bartender I've met in a very long time. He was just filling in at the main bar. He usually works the beach bar. He was so engaging that we were sharing stories about my mom buying a condo. He was interested and friendly.

Mount Eden Vineyards Chardonnay

Since he was at a bar he was unfamiliar with, for menu questions we had that he didn't know the answer to, he asked someone else and got the answer.

We stayed longer than planned and had a great time.

After we checked out, we go an email asking us to fill out a comment card. I did and when they asked for anyone exceptional, I told them about Victor.

Jodi at Ventuno
Jodi, the bartender at Ventuno, on Nantucket, introduced herself to us and asked for our names. She then addressed us that way. She did this for everyone at the bar. It was like Cheers. She knew everyone's name.

People came in and she greeted them personally. People came in for a quick drink, shared a story, and left.

Donuts and Ice Cream!
Image: Home made donuts and Ice cream at Ventuno

She was so nice. We remembered her name too.

I told her that she needed to go next door to the new Sea Dog Brewing Company that had just opened up 2 days ago to teach them how to be personal with customers.

Unknown Server at Sea Dog Brewery
Now on Nantucket!
Image: Sea Dog Brewery, Nantucket

The server we had at Sea Dog Brewery was an automaton. "Hello, what do you want to drink."

Nothing personal.

I told her I wanted a Brown Ale. She said that they didn't have Brown Ale.

I told her, "I think you do since I had one yesterday."

Se left and I saw her go to the bar, conference with others, point to the taps. She didn't come back for what felt like 10 minutes. Finally she came back and delivered the beer and left.

Not comment that yes indeed they had a Brown, or sorry for the wait.


The even sadder part is that we went back the next day, making it three days in a row, and she didn't remember us.

She would have if she took the time to engage us.

I tried a Porter and it was delivered with beer dripping all down the sides of the glass.

Sloppy way to serve a Porter
Image: Sloppy way to serve a Porter

Would be nice if it wasn't me that had to take a napkin to wipe down the sides of the glass.

The first time we went in the bartenders were great. They were friendly and funny, telling us that they had no Chardonnay because the truck didn't come in because of rough seas. ;-)

Personal Service
Nantucket and Cape Cod are built for vacationers and personal service that will being people back to have a pleasant time.

I'd go back to the Sea Dog Brewery, but would avoid that server. I don't even know her name.

I'll go back to Ventuno and seek out Jodi at the bar, and head over to Chatham Bars Inn and look for Victor at the Beach Bar.

Service counts.

Thanks to Chris Brogan, and his recent newsletter, for inspiring this post.

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