Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Facebook: Edit Posts - I Love Justin Bieber!

You can finally edit your Facebook posts. Don't worry though, there is an edit history provided.

I edited this facebook post.

This is great for fixing typos, or, if you plan it right, turning Justin Bieber haters into Justin Bieber lovers. ;-)

I started with this text in my post: "Like this post if you hate Justin Bieber."

Facebook: Edit Posts

CLICK the dropdown menu, on the upper right of your post, and CLICK EDIT:

Facebook: Edit Posts - EDIT


Facebook: Edit Posts - Replace HATE with LOVE

NOTE: Your post will now show as 'Edited.' See?

Facebook: Edit Posts - EDITED

CLICK on 'Edited' and you can see your 'Edit History."

Facebook: Edit Posts - EDIT HISTORY

Have fun.

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