Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Testing out the NEW Flickr Embed Feature

Flickr just announced a new embed feature. You can use it if you'd opted in to their new BETA version of the site.

Here's the new embed:

Read more about it on the Flickr blog: Flickr Web Embeds.

It's ok.

New Features
I like how the viewer can now scroll through adjacent images and click like. Full screen is nice too.

They say it's Flickr!
It adds FLICKR branding on each photo. I'm a paid Pro user so I'm not exactly pleased with that.

No licensing
Also, Flick still does not embed the licensing information. This is SO important. I've posted my photos as CC BY-NC-SA. As a requirement of the license, people who use my photos need to put the same license with the photo. It would be so much easier if the embed code automatically carried along the license information of the photo.

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