Friday, May 09, 2014

[Video] St. Lucia play ELEVATE at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston via RadioBDC

I was lucky to be able to see St. Lucia play an acoustic show at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston courtesy of RadioBDC.

The entrance to the Museum gives an indication of what's inside:

This guy is cool:

I've seen him in LA. I think he flew here.

My friend Julie Kramer from Radio BDC introduced the band:


St. Lucia plays ELEVATE at Museum of Fine Arts:

After the show I looked around and visited the Quilt Exhibit.

I like when a museum is nice and lets you take photos without a flash. Note: I had to turn off flash focus assist. ;-)


Watch more St. Lucia video from MFA: RadioBDC Presents: The MFA Sessions with St. Lucia

Nokia Disclosure:

Photos and video taken with Nokia Lumia 1520. CC BY-NC-SA Thanks @NokiaUS for the review unit.

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