Friday, July 04, 2014

How @CaseyNeistat is changing #vlogging with @Snapchat Stories

Snapchat Stories are going to be the next big thing in telling video stories.

I've been following Casey's experiments with Snapchat Stories and creating some of my own. My excitement around this reminds me of the early days of videoblogging.

Erik Hyrkas, of the Tech Void blog, says:
Snapchat Stories are the future of vlogging (video blogging), and internet-renowned filmmaker and adrenaline junkie Casey Neistat and I are here to tell you why.
Casey explains his use of Snapchat Stories here, and how they relate to his more 'professional' work.

What Casey describes IS what we were doing in the early days of videoblogging. Capturing moments and putting them together to tell a story.

All my earlier Snapchat Stories are gone since Snapchat doesn't save anything.

Casey decided to SAVE his stories and post them to YouTube.

Here's one of Casey and his son Owen on the French Riviera:

He also adds a nice Intro and Outro.

I don't know how he's doing it. There are a few apps in the iPhone app store that let you save snaps and stories. I decided to save and post my most recent one to YouTube.

I used Reflector, on the Mac.

Note: LIKE their page on Facebook to get 15% off.

After saving, I imported the video into FCP X and added an Intro and Outro.

The fun of Snapchat stories is that you don't have to edit. Your story is assembled as you add moments to it throughout the day.

I decided to edit this one for fun. I also modified the audio in one spot to make it louder. I enjoy editing. Not sure how many Snapchat Stories I'll save and post to YouTube.

What do you think the criteria should be?

While editing, it totally reminded me of the videos that I used to do with my wife, that we called, The Carol and Steve Show, especially this one, Burgers and Beans Part 1 and Part 2. ;-)

Here's my Snapchat Story from July 3rd.

Note: I posted it on my main YouTube channel. Subscribe. ;-0

Follow 'CaseyNeistat' and me,'stevegarfield' on Snapchat to see our stories as they happen. Swipe right to see them, and then press and hold to see the story.

Try some yourself.

Snapchat is experimenting with allowing multiple people to add to the same story, with curation. That's going to be fun when it's more widely available.


You CAN shoot LANDSCAPE video in snapchat. ;-)

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