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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

How to grab your video from Hang With

I'm testing out Hang With for Live Streaming from my iPhone.

Here's how to grab the EMBED code:

Go to your video page. Here's an example page.

When looking at the video page, there's also a way to get the EMBED code.

It's there in the upper LEFT, seen as "<>"

Here's my EMBEDED video (NOTE - Still testing, may not play):

TEST #2:

Support also gave me these three ways to grab Hang With video.

There are currently three options for you to grab your video:

Download Video #1 - If you login and go to your profile you can click "Download" next to the share buttons.
Download Video #2 - Head to and then login to your account. At that point you will see all of you recent broadcasts and have the ability to download it.
Grab your Web Widget - Each user also has the ability to create their own unique "web widget". This widget allows users to embed their most recent 5 broadcasts on their website (as well as allow people to watch them live). You can find out more at (please note you need at least 5 broadcasts to generate your widget).
I'm going to test that widget at

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