Monday, May 18, 2015

Your Photo on a Custom Lay's Potato Chip Bag

Lay's has a promotion where they are accepting photo entries where Your Photo could be featured on a Custom Lay's Potato Chip Bag.

One thing that the marketing team missed is that they do not give you a copy of your photo as seen on the potato chip bag to share on social media after you upload your photo.

That would have been cool.

Maybe someone will create a Custom Lay's Potato Chip Bag bag generator?

Lay's is worried about people taking over the campaign with inapropriate images. In this AdAge article they talk about limiting custom bag images:
Lay's execs are counting on social media to increase the program's reach well beyond the owners of the 10,000 custom bags. For instance, Lay's will send a digital image to the consumer as soon as the bag is designed, hoping the user will share it broadly. When the bag is delivered, chances are people will boast about them again on their social networks -- at least that is the goal.

"I would say we are going to reach millions and millions of people very easily," Mr. Krishnan said. "Consumers want this two-way conversation," he added.

Of course, there is some risk that people could hijack the program with inappropriate images. To reduce that risk, Lay's will review every entry. "It has to be appropriate. It has to live up to building the brand equity," Mr. Krishnan said. The rigor required is "why it's very difficult to do these things in scale all year long," he said.
I've gotten no indication that I will be getting a custom bag design image to share on social media.

My entry:


Yes, you allow them to use your photo in any way that they want.
By uploading the Photo, I represent that the Photo does not infringe on any party’s intellectual property, privacy or other rights; and I irrevocably grant to Frito-Lay the unconditional and perpetual right to post, display, publish, use, adapt, edit and/or modify such Photo in its sole discretion.
Using Photoshop works, but it takes some time. ;-)


Just found this from WCHS, Want Your Face On A Bag Of Chips?:
The first 10,000 customers will get a bag of chips emblazoned with their own custom photo and caption.

Everyone else will get a digital version of their personalized bag of chips to share online.
That story went up last Thursday. I wonder how many people have uploaded photos?

Update 2:

I shared on twitter:

They featured on, with a direct link back to my tweet:

Update 3 (12:31) PM:

Got an email from Lay's with my custom chip bag image.

Image: Email

Image: Custom Bag

Looks like I have to copy the image and save it locally, then share to social media.

Would have been easier if there were CLICK TO SHARE buttons for twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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