Saturday, June 13, 2015

Become a News Publisher on Apple News

Become a News Publisher on Apple News
To distribute content on News, you need to complete a sign-up and approval process. Use the iCloud-based News Publisher tool to register as a publisher, add your feeds, and get your channel approved.

News Publisher:

I signed up my blog.

You can have channels, but I just signed up using my main RSS 2.0 feed using the name Off On A Tangent and the image Steve Garfield.

It'll be interested to see if I get approved and how my feed looks on Apple News.

Update: Looking into Blogger Topic RSS 2.0 feeds.


  1. AHA! I believe that's it. I didn't sign up any RSS feeds, just URLs of my existing blogs - matching the topics of my three channels. I bet the RSS feed requires a logo while regular channels default to the URL's image or preview.

    1. When I went through it, it seemed like I wanted the RSS feed of my blog AFTER I gave it the URL of my blog.