Tuesday, February 09, 2016

The Death of Juicing via @inside

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This was my favorite item:

Amanda Chantal Bacon founded the Los Angeles boutique juicery Moon Juice, which serves “cold-pressed, 100% organic juice and nut milk” in two locations around the city.
Bacon described for her daily food routine and it’s intensely obscure, full of odd, unrecognizable ingredients. Things like silver needle and calendula tea, reishi, ho shou wu and activated cashews.
Here’s some of our favorite responses from around the Web:
Jarrett Sleeper added up the cost of Amanda’s grocery trip to buy all of her foodstuffs and it comes to over $1,200. The Frisky did the math and figured it at about $710 a day.
Julieanne Smolinski posted this note-perfect parody on Medium. Sample: “Dinner was a bouquet of tulips with my husband. We flash-boiled those in a marble cylinder full of rose quartz schmaltz and iron filings salvaged from the deck of the sunken French battleship Richelieu."
The Everywhereist attempted to recreate Bacon’s typical menu with the food she already had in her house.
New York Magazine said the article marks the “death of juicing."
Racked LA, however, jumped to Bacon’s defense, accusing the rest of the Web of “health-shaming” her. 

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