Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Using CHIP and PIN Credit Cards and ApplePay in Europe

In Europe credit cards use CHIP and PIN. In the US, most credit cards use CHIP only. No PIN. This article can show you which cards support both CHIP and PIN.

Credit Card Insider: Chip-and-PIN Credit Cards in the USA.

Since I have a CHIP only card, when I tried to use it in Amsterdam, I was required to show my license and give a signature. Lame.

When I was in Germany, at the checkout, I said I wanted to pay with a CARD, and then used my iPhone to pay with ApplePay. That worked 95% of the time and made payments seamless. I tied my ApplePay to a credit card without foreign transaction fees.

Note: When the vendor asks if you want to have them convert the transaction from EURO to US DOLLARS, say NO, because their foreign transaction fees will be high, and your credit card without foreign transaction fees will take care of it.

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