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Sunday, November 05, 2023

Charging on the Go: Mastering Payment Methods at Electrify America Stations with Your Credit Card or App

I’m going on a long trip with my 2023 Volvo XC40 and wanted to test the high-speed charging capabilities of the Electrify America station.

I downloaded the app and set up an account. I also added Electrify America to my Apple Wallet. 

At the station, I plugged the high-speed adapter into the car outlet, then tapped my phone where the credit card reader it. No matter what I did, It would not recognize the phone, telling me that there was an error, and to try again. 

I tried a few times and then gave up. 


I ended up swiping with a credit card, which activated the station and started charging. 

After I finished this first test, I ended the session and removed the charger. 


Then I plugged in the charger again to try to get the app to work.

Only then did I realize that I had to tap UNDER the credit card payment box against the charger where it says, "Members: tap here to pay with plan". That user interface needs a lot of improvement.

After I tapped there, the charging started once again. 

Without a plan, you have to pre-load at least $10 into your account. I did that. 

When I looked at my recent credit card transactions I saw a $50 charge from Electrify America. I had to search online to see why that happened and it is a temporary charge that verifies your credit card account that is supposed to go away once the charge from your charging session completes. I'll be watching that to make sure the $50 charge goes away. 

UPDATE: It looks like I was at an older charger with an old design. Here’s a photo of a newer charger. Makes more sense.