Sunday, June 01, 2003

Comcast Email Transition : Got Another Useless Email from Comcast this Morning.
It feels like thay are slowly torturing me.

Here's what they said today.
We're making sure you get this message again because we are unable to determine if you have downloaded the Transition Wizard and we don't want you to experience any inconvenience with your service.
They make it sound like I did something wrong. It's like I didn't check a box or something. In fact I did download the transition wizard, but I am not going to use it.

They also make it sound like they care. I've already called and emailed them to explain that the transition wizard will do me no good because I do not use Outlook Express for email on my Macintosh, I use the OS X Mail application.

This transition is giving me nightmares!

I wish they would let me manually do the transition prior to June 30th. That way I'd be able to explain it to all of you and ease the fear, uncertainty and doubt we are all feeling right now.

Open questions that I still have:
1. Will I be able to access after June 30th to manually change my forwarding?

2. Will I have access to all my web sites that are hosted on after June 30th, or do I have to back them up locally now, and re-upload them after June 30th?

3. Will I be able to forward people, who visit my web pages after June 30th, to the new address of my web page?

4. How do I access my email via a browser after June 30th?
Impatiently waiting around for the Sword of Damocles to fall.

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