Monday, June 16, 2003

Faithful See Image of Virgin Mary in Hospital Window.
She wasn't looking out the window from inside the hospital though.

She is suppoosedly in between two pieces of glass.

My Aunt went over to see this on her way home from the doctors office. She takes a taxi, so she asked the driver to swing by the hospital, so she could take a look.

She told us she saw it, but was afraid to step out of the taxi. We asked her why and she didn't know why.

I told her that it was just mass hysteria. "It's scary though," she said.

Yes, I agree. It's scary that so many people believe this nonsense.

And don't get me started on the virgin birth.
An unnamed a leader of the Church of Scotland who said in a 1994 sermon that the virgin birth was symbolic, and that the Bible need not be taken literally. They quoted an unnamed Church spokesperson who commented: "There is a diversity of opinion on the issue. But there remains a diversity of opinion over whether there should be a diversity of opinion."
Catholic Encyclopedia: Virgin Birth of Christ.
The Virgin Birth and Childhood
Mysteries of Jesus
The virgin birth is a myth.
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