Friday, June 20, 2003

Subject: LAST CHANCE to Make your Comcast E-Mail Transition Easy!
Another email in the series, "We treat our customers like children and don't even understand what we are talking about."
Dear Former AT&T Broadband Internet Customer:

Time is running out to transition to Comcast High-Speed Internet. It is very important that you take a couple of minutes to make the necessary changes now. Follow the instructions below to download the Transition Wizard or you may use the manual instructions posted on on Monday, June 30th.

If you don't make these changes by June 30, 2003, you will still be able to access your High-Speed Internet connection but will not be able to continue to receive your e-mail and you'll miss out on all of Comcast's great features!
Ok, I have a question for you.

What if I'm on vacation on June 30th, returning on July 3rd?

What if I make the manual changes then? Will I be able to receive my email?

I think I will. I think you will forward all my email to my new address and it will accumulate over there until I retrieve it.

So when you say, "If you don't make these changes by June 30, 2003", I don't think you really mean it. In fact I think you don't even understand what you have written.

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