Sunday, June 08, 2003

Comcast: Verbatim Customer Service Discussion.
Dear Customer,
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Sun, June 08 2003 06:12AM Mountain Daylight Time
Hello! Welcome to the Online Customer Support Center for Comcast service. A message from a customer care specialist should appear in the chat window shortly.

Leary C has joined this session!
Leary C says, Thank you for contacting Comcast. You are chatting with Leary. How may I help you?
You say, hi
Leary C says, Hi. How may I assist you?
You say, i got an email
You say, this morning
You say, that says:
You say, If you do not choose to use our easy Transition Wizard by June 30, 2003, you will not be able to take advantage of e-mail forwarding - but you will still have high-speed Internet access.
You say, This is not right . I will be able to take advantage of email forwarding , per Comcast technical support.
You say, please confirm

Leary C says, Please hold for a moment
Leary C says, Thanks for your patience
Leary C says, You do not have to install the wizard. Instructions for configuring the Transition Wizard manually will be posted online at on June 29th.

You say, ok

You say, Will I be able to access after June 30th to manually change my forwarding?
Leary C says, email forward will be available then
Leary C says, It will be automatic

You say, ok

You say, Will I have access to all my web sites that are hosted on after June 30th, or do I have to back them up locally now, and re-upload them after June 30th? Leary C says, You will not be able to access your attbi

You say, Will I be able to forward people, who visit my web pages after June 30th, to the new address of my web page?

Leary C says, You will have access to them. They will be transitioned too but you should backup for safety

Leary C says, Please hold for a moment
Leary C says, Please forgive my earlier response about your webpage. There is no information on whether or not they will be transitioned

You say, ok

You say, How do I access my email via a browser after June 30th?

Leary C says, You will go to

You say, ok

Leary C says, Is there anything else that I may assist you with at this time?

You say, how come comcasat keeps sending out emails that have incorrect information about email forwarding in them

You say, it's upsetting a lot of people who are going to do the manual transition

Leary C says, Your emails will be forwarded automatically if you use OE and install the wizard
Leary C says, We only support OE
You say, hang on a minute...
You say, you said my email would be forwarded anyway

Leary C says, You will have to configure manually if you use another client
You say, i know i have to reconfigure my email, but comcast is going to handle forwarding of my email, right?
You say, do i need to talk to a supervisor?

Leary C says, Correct
Leary C says, Why do you need a supervisor?

You say, what about web pages, when will you kow exactly what is going to happen to them in the transition?
Leary C says, You will be notified as soon as that information is available

You say, ok
You say, thanks
You say, bye

Leary C says, You are welcome. Thank you for contacting Comcast
Leary C has left this session!
The session has ended!

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