Sunday, June 22, 2003

How Much For That Hydrant?
Today we went to a memorial service for a close family friend, Harold Green.

The Rabbi was talking about how Harold had such a great sense of humor.

He told a story about how Harold loved to participate in the yearly yard sales we had at our house.

It was a big deal.

Our house was perfect for a yard sale since it was right on the Walnut Street, which leads to Route 1.

Harold always set up his table on the far left of of front yard. We used to have about 8-10 families carry all their junk over to our house for the day of the big yard sale.

Harold set up on the far left because that's where there was a fire hydrant.

Harold would always pile his junk for sale all around that hydrant. Then he'd put stickers with pricing on everything including the hydrant. It think he priced it at $50.

People would then come by and ask, "Is that hydrant for sale?"

Harold would always reply, "Yes it is, and it's yours if you can carry it away!"

A New Passover Tradition
Harold's granddaughter told a story of how during a passover seder, Harold, while leading the service, lifted up his plate. The kids, thinking it was part of the service also lifted their plates.

Harold again lifted his plate and the kids again followed his lead and lifted their plates.

At this point, Harold's son Michael asked, "Dad, what are you doing?" Harold replied, "I lost my fork."

Passover plate raising, a new tradition.

Saint Anetsky?
When we got to the grave site, it was raining. My wife asked me why someone would be carrying an umbrella with the name of a Saint on it. I looked over and saw the umbrella. It read, "S T A N E T S K Y."

I told her that it wasn't Saint Anetsky, it was Stanetsky Memorial Chapel!

Harold, we'll miss you and always remember you.

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